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    I’m super excited to make this post because manglish malayalam keyboard is my personal favourite. I have been using this keyboard since 1 year and it’s my all day chatting partner.

    The main advantage of manglish malayalam keyboard is that we just need to enter the malayalam word in english letters so that the keyboard will immediately convert it into with accurate prediction. Therefore manglish keyboard is the best and top malayalam keyboard that is available in the playstore till now. Recently, it has also launched stickers with malayalam movie sequence which has famous malayalam dialogues printed in it which makes the users more attached to the application. I suggest you to use this keyboard if you are a malayalee. It will definitely please you.

    Before we get into the topic please have a look into the other posts i have already made;

    Manglish Malayalam Keyboard

    Manglish Malayalam Keyboard, commonly known as Manglish has transformed the way people type Malayalam on Android. Join 2,500,000+ users who save time using our word predictions and accurate phonetic transliteration.

    Now with Malayalam movie sticker comments. Use these amazing fun stickers in your conversations inside any messaging app.

    Typing with Manglish is the fastest way to type – you don’t need any other Malayalam input tools. It works inside all applications on your phone – no more copy-paste! Start typing in English and choose Malayalam word for what you’re typing. The most common words work without internet.

    Chat with your friends and family in your native language – use Malayalam on Whatsapp, Facebook or any other app. The only app that supports Malayalam dialogue stickers in Whatsapp and other chat apps.

    How to use this Malayalam keyboard
    1. Open Manglish Keyboard from your apps after installing
    2. Enable and choose Manglish as your keyboard
    3. Customize settings and choose any of the amazing themes
    4. Start typing Malayalam everywhere
    5. Spice up your conversations by using Malayalam photo comments from our curated movie dialogue stickers

    – Switch between Malayalam and English predictions by clicking on the മ button
    – Add emojis/smileys in your chats from the keyboard. Hold the 123 key or press 123 and select the emoji icon to get a list of smileys
    – Click on the stickers icon in the suggestion bar to open the Sticker/GIF/Emoji section. You can also use the emoji key to open this
    – Malayalam stickers are categorized into groups. Click on a sticker to preview it and click Send to send it in your chat
    – Scroll GIFs sideways and touch on a GIF to send it. You can choose from different categories of GIFS
    – Malayalam voice typing keyboard in in in beta. Type just by speaking into your phone using this Malayalam voice to text app.

    – Choose “Vibrate on keypress” to add a small vibration when pressing each key
    – Enable “Insert space after . ,” to add a space automatically after these characters
    – Enabling “Press space to select word” will automatically select the Malayalam prediction when you press space
    – Choosing “Edit English on backspace” will change the converted Malayalam text back to English for easier editing. Turning this off will let you edit Malayalam text directly by pressing backspace
    – “Use offline predictions” can be turned off to get only exact matches for what you type. This will need an active internet connection to work
    – Choose a theme that you like from “Keyboard themes”
    – To remove all ads from the app, click “Remove Ads” and make a purchase. This is a small one time price and helps support us

    You can choose to buy Manglish Premium from the Remove Ads section in settings. Your purchase will help us continue improving this application and pay for expenses towards running our infrastructure. It’s a one time purchase and will give you premium features forever.

    Typing FAQ
    – To get ഞങ്ങൾക്കും, type “njangalkum”
    – For ആശംസകൾ, type “aash” and you’ll get the full prediction
    – To type just ആശംസ, type “aashamsa” and scroll the suggestions to select it
    – Some words needs internet to work – you might have to wait for a few seconds if internet is slow

    Forget Handwriting Input, Indic Keyboard or other slow manual keyboards – this is the best Android Malayalam Keyboard and is fast, effortless and the top rated. നിങ്ങളുടെ സ്വന്തം മലയാളം കീബോർഡ്.


    Download Manglish Keyboard

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